All photos are available for purchase as digital files only in 3 format options: 1) low res - best format for e-mail, 2) medium res - good for up to 5" x 7" print, 3) high res - gives you the flexibility to print the size that you wish, including larger formats. These prices are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! Please contact me regarding pricing for non-personal use.


Purchasing online is easy, convenient, and most of all, secure. Here's how:

1. Click on the "shopping cart" icon under the photo you wish to purchase, then "add to cart". A PayPal window will pop up showing your intended purchase.

2. You can either click "continue shopping" or "proceed to checkout". If you continue shopping, you can add as many photos as you wish by repeating step one. If you change your mind about an image, click the "remove" box beside the image in the PayPal window followed by "update cart".

3. Once you proceed to checkout, payment can be made either through your PayPal acoount or by credit card.

4. Once I receive notice of your payment, I will reply as quickly as possible, e-mailing you an image key number which when entered in the "Download Dock" page, will allow you to download the digital file of the image(s) you have purchased. You can then use the digital file to make as many prints as you like for your personal use ONLY.

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